Mobile App for Allergy Menus is a real life saver

If any of your friends or family or family have ever had a food allergy, you know how difficult it can be to pick a “safe” restaurant. Most people don’t get it and often equate your allergy with a placebo or best case an intolerance.

This happened to us the other day after a Tampa Bay Rays game when we were trying to find a bite to eat. Two family members in the group suffer from food allergies so it was requested that we eat at a chain restaurant since they are far more likely to have an allergy menu.

Well, long story short, indecision went on for the entire nine innings and post game because we couldn’t agree on a nearby chain restaurant. Either the restaurant was too far away or we weren’t sure if it catered to allergies. So everyone just went their own ways…

If you’ve ever found yourself in this or a similar situation, you need to download the new Food Allergy Menus Mobile App.

It pulls about 100 common restaurants and their allergy menus in to one handy app which makes it easy to see if it is safe for you or your loved ones to eat there. Best of all it’s available for both iOS and Android.

Check it out here for iPhone/iPad or here for Android.

Do you have any other awesome Food Allergy Apps you use? I’d love to hear about them below.

How to get an EpiPen for free


If you have severe allergies in your family like mine I’ll let you in on one of the Internet’s best kept secrets…You can get a Epi-Pen for free – better yet make that a 2 pack!

EpiPen is short for epinephrine autoinjector, or a small medical device for injecting a measured doses of adrenaline into a person that is experiencing anaphylaxis due to an allergic reaction.

For years it has been an industry standard. Now there are newer devices like Auvi-Q which actually speaks the instructions, which makes it a nice to have for care givers or peace of mind.

However, the trusted and true EpiPen will still work fine. But if you’ve ever purchased either you know how expensive it can get, even with insurance because they usually expire in about a year so they must be replaced, even if you never use them.

On EpiPen’s website there is a coupon for getting an EpiPen 2 pack for as little as $0 depending on your insurance coverage. Considering that this prescription with insurance is around $100, this is quite the savings.

I wanted to post this because what is common knowledge to some is not common knowledge to all. I was reminded of this the other night when my wife was purchasing dinner for us and the lady behind the counter mentioned how her nephew has severe allergies. My wife went on to tell her about this coupon and the lady was so grateful. She went on to explain how much it would help them in their financial troubles.

So if this is you or you just want to save a little cash I strongly recommend looking at EpiPen’s website often for deals as they do often expire but re-run the promotion often.

And if you just purchased an EpiPen without this coupon, go ahead and print it out and take it back into the store with your receipt. Many quality retailers will gladly refund the difference because they don’t lose money on coupons. The manufacturer actually pays them for the coupon.

Hope this helps.