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How to Setup a WordPress Blog in less than 3 Minutes

August 23, 2012 by Eliot

One of the most common questions I get from my non-technical friends and family is “how do I setup a WordPress blog?”

Six or seven years ago setting up a website or blog was a bit more difficult.  But today, there is no excuse for that.  Almost anyone who knows how to use the Internet is now able to setup a blog with WordPress.

Below is a video I created to eliminate those fears once and for all for people; so next time I get asked, I can just point them here.

Without further adeu, I present: “How to Setup a WordPress Blog in less than 3 Minutes

Click to watch on YouTube:

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Eliot is a software developer by trade and a entrepreneur by spirit. He has built web software for the likes of YMCA, UPS, FedEx, Ford and Harcourt, and helped launch mobile apps like Coupon Policy, TourWrist, and Pocket Legal.

Join him as he learns and shares his experiences of marketing his own products online.

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