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If you are like me you are not keen on writing. Coming from an engineering background, I can say first hand that the importance of writing is almost de-taught in the computer science department.  In fact, it is not a major that requires a lot of term papers or essay writing.

Programming is an interesting bird, in that, productivity is measured by how much has been built, not necessarily the abstract, long term effects of building something.  In fact, when I was in school it was common to hear phrases like “write less code.” If I got 8 straight hours of coding in, that is considered productive – what a great day!  On the other hand, if I spend the day making calls and re-fostering relationships, it is considered unproductive. There is no tangible result at the end of the day.

But what if one of those contacts becomes a customer, or knows someone that becomes a customer, or knows someone that knows someone that becomes a customer.  It was not so much a waste of time now was it?

It took me a long time to realize this (in fact, too long). I wish someone would have slapped some sense into me back in high school or college.

Blogging is very much the same high-value, low immediate gratification thing.  Although you may not see the value immediately of connecting with other people or writing something of value.  It does far more for your long term karma than having 8 hours of productive “programming” ever would.

This is why I have decided to rekindle my love for blogging.  I come across problems all the time that I struggle to solve and from now on I plan on posting my solution on my blog so that I can help others out.  I challenge you to do the same.

What problems do you face each day?

How do you solve them?

Did you have a good or bad experience with a new restaurant, mobile app, shop, etc?

Blogging becomes a whole lot more fun when you stop talking about the tricks your cat can do or what you ate for breakfast and instead start telling others about your experiences and how you solved your problems.  You’ll quickly notice that you’ll never need a new idea for a blog post again!

– E

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Eliot is a software developer by trade and a entrepreneur by spirit. He has built web software for the likes of YMCA, UPS, FedEx, Ford and Harcourt, and helped launch mobile apps like Coupon Policy, TourWrist, and Pocket Legal.

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