Sync Gmail Contacts with iPhone

If you’ve ever owned an Android device and recently switched to an iPhone or iPad, you may notice that your contacts don’t sync with Gmail as they did with your Droid.  Bummer, I know.

What this means is that when you get a new device, or if you were to break your old one, you may lose contacts (as I did while going from Droid to iPhone).

The good news is that there is a quick way to get your iPhone or iPad to sync your Mail, Calendar AND Contacts like your Droid did, or as though you had Microsoft Exchange.

 Step 1

Tap the Settings icon on your iOS device and then tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”

iPhone Mail Settings

Click on "Add Account"

Step 2

Under Accounts, tap “Add Account..”, then select “Microsoft Exchange” from the list.

iPhone iCloud, Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL

Tap "Microsoft Exchange"

Step 3

Enter your email login information: Email, Leave “Domain” blank, username is just your email address before the “”, password, and description.  Then tap “Save.”

Add Gmail Account Details

Step 4

On the same page, a field “Server” should appear.  Enter “” (no quotes, of course).  Tap Save and you should get to the toggle screen that allows you to sync Mail, Contacts, and Calendars with your i-Device.

Mail, Contacts, and Calendars iOS

Toggle on Contacts

Closing Thoughts

Considering that Exchange will set you back a minimum of $708 plus hardware.  This is a nice little hack.


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