Twitter Bootstrap Theme for Drupal 6

I decided to give Twitter Bootstrap a try for my new mobile theme and design website.  Unfortunately, I was unable to find a Bootstrap 2 theme for Drupal 6, so I ported it over myself.  Since I use so much open source software, I decided a few months back that I want to start contributing more to open source. So I thought this theme might be handy for others.  Feel free to download it below and use it for your own projects.

Oh it is important to note that this is a Zen subtheme.  Please download and install Zen Theme for Drupal along with this theme and upload both to your website before activating the Bootstrap theme.

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The Backstory

For my latest creation I choose Drupal as my weapon (read CMS) of choice because a) of the flexibility to do 80% of what I wanted it to do long term, b) because I knew it well and c) it’s awesome.  However, I ran into a couple of problems when finding a suitable theme:

Problem 1

Bootstrap 2 Theme available for Drupal 7 not for Drupal 6 and the plug-ins I needed were all in Drupal 6.  Plus the Drupal 7 theme is still in development.

Problem 2

Bootstrap 1.4 Theme available for Drupal 6, but I needed lots of customization to get it working well.

So, that is why I ported over my own theme.

Without further adeu:

Download Bootstrap 2 Drupal Theme

(And don’t forget to download Zen Theme too!)

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