Drupal Imagecache Setup

One of the biggest benefits of Drupal is that it is highly flexible.  But with great flexibility comes great complexity.  Such is true when configuring our mobile design marketplace with imagecache in order to watermark, resize, and link the uploaded mobile themes to the proper url.  The trick is finding what to configure and where the configuration options are.  With a little help from JuliaKM, below are the steps I took to configure imagecache with Drupal:

  1. Install and activate all required modules such as Imagecache and imagecache actions (in my case).
  2. Go to Admin > Content types and add an Image field
  3. Go to Site building > Image cache and add or edit a preset.
  4. For watermarks, select “add overlay” action and point to watermark png.  Defaults to the files directory.
  5. Return to Admin > Content types and click on “Display fields.”  For both the Teaser and Full columns, select the name of the preset you created above.  There are also other options such as linking the image to the node or to itself.
And that’s it!  Of course you there is more to imagecache that that, but this is the basic process that you will need to follow to configure imagecache for pretty much anything.


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