Post Xcode upgrades: Wrestle-mania!

So it seems as though every time I have upgraded iOS SDK and Xcode Apple makes me wrestle with my provisional profiles by giving me various error messages that don’t mean much.  Resolution usually involves some variation of:

  • deleting all provisional profiles,
  • deleting certificates,
  • quitting Xcode,
  • unplugging device,
  • reopening Xcode,
  • reconnecting my device,
  • refreshing profiles
  • reinstalling certificates/profiles
  • cleaning my project
  • reconfiguring the “build settings”
  • standing on one foot while scratching my ear and rubbing my belly for good luck as I compile the project – you get the idea.

Luckily StackOverflow is here to catch me.  If you have similar problems with the iOS 5 SDK upgrade, this might help you resolve your problems.

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