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Eliot Dill was recently featured on Tampa Bay’s 10Connect News program for his participation in the invention of the Pill Pal. The invention started as a class project but soon turned into a success. USF currently filed a patent pending on the product and is trying to license the product out for manufacture and distribution. Anyone interested should contact Jaideep at USF’s Patent and Licensing Office.

Read more about USF’s Entrepreneurship program or USF’s College of Business.

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From 10 Connects:

Tampa, Florida — Have you ever had a million dollar idea, but let it go as a fleeting thought?

We learned about a graduate program from one of 10 Connects’ followers on Twitter that helps students turn those concepts into reality.

The University of South Florida program teaches students how to create products, apply for patents, and set up businesses.

Recent gradate Jonathan Solomon didn’t invent the snap cap, but he’s capitalizing off it.

“Whether you have an idea, or you are starting a franchise or your own business, it’s being your own boss and having a drive to succeed,” he says.

Through the program he was able to identify an opportunity and he says he is now supporting himself through its distribution.

In a down economy, making a sale or starting a business doesn’t scare these students.

“I think everyone in this program views this economy as an opportunity. There are tons of good workers who can’t find jobs and that allows even better people to work with us than they would have in an up economy. And that is one of the biggest benefits of moving this forward.”

If a student in the entrepreneurship program invents a product that goes to patent and makes money, USF and the students split the revenue 50/50.

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    Eliot is a software developer by trade and a entrepreneur by spirit. He has built web software for the likes of YMCA, UPS, FedEx, Ford and Harcourt, and helped launch mobile apps like Coupon Policy, TourWrist, and Pocket Legal.

    Join him as he learns and shares his experiences of marketing his own products online.

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